BDS Suspension officially licensed KRONIK Shocks - 2 pcs + 1 Wrench + Decals

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BDS Suspension ( - one of the top Suspension companies in the UNIVERSE - has Officially Licensed to Pit Bull RC for Shock use. 

Introducing our BDS Officially Licensed KRONIK RC SHOCKS!!! 

3 years in development to give you the most realistic look and feel of any RC shock on the market!!!!  We wanted something that was resilient, easy to use, looked good and felt even better without all the aggravation OTHER RC shocks give you!!!

Pit Bull RC KRONIK shocks look and feel like real shocks should!  Dont' believe us...wait until your friend runs them and you'll see for yourself!!! #kronikshockstheworld #pitbullrcporn

Currently we offer 4 different options:

100mm - PBS0001(Grey Dot) - UPC#602573692516

 90mm - PBS0002 (Blue Dot) - UPC#602573692509

 80mm - PBS0003 (Red Dot) - UPC#602573692493

 70mm - PBS0004 (Orange Dot) - UPC#602573692486

EACH PACK comes with 2 Shocks, Dual Springs (mounted), Single Springs, a Wrench + Decals!!!



* Gold Anodized shock body.  Non Gold Photos are sample photos prior to Gold production.  All Shocks bodies are Gold

* Black Anodized Aluminum Shock Cap with Hard Anodized Aluminum Pivot Ball (Eyelet)

* Hard Anodized Aluminum Threaded Shock Body

* Black Anodized Aluminum Threaded Pre-Load Adjuster

* Black Anodized Aluminum Lower Seal Retainer

* Dual Rate & Single Rate Springs Included

* SUPER SEAL TECHNOLOGY - Four Internal Shock Shaft Seals.  Sick of your Shocks leaking? we took care of that issue.  You're welcome!

* ON THE FLY TECHNOLOGY - Adjustable Spring Collars.  No more having to unscrew the Lower Seal Retainer to change your Dual Springs to Single!!!

* 3.5mm Shock Shaft

* Black Anodized Aluminum Lower Rod End with Hard Anodized Aluminum Pivot Ball (Eyelet)

* Patent# M272574

 * MSRP - $99.99 USD / MAP - $89.99 USD

 * May want to use Thread Lock on the Rod Ends to lock the threads  


Shock testimonial from Bob Tarvin: 
“Just wanted to do my one year shock update. I haven’t had to touch these smooth as silk bad boys since I built and installed them. Zero leaks or problems with these shocks. Hands down these are the best shocks I own. If you are in the fence climb down and get yourself a set. Thank you Pit Bull RC for a great product!”



Speaking of Kronik - if you don't know him already, let me introduce you to one of the nicest and coolest dudes on the Planet!  ALBERT "KRONIK" Manansala in Guam. 

* 35 years in RC Industry. 

* Spends countless hours promoting the RC Crawler Hobby and donates a lot of time working with underprivileged children to give them something to brighten their day and preoccupy their well as providing them with loads of fun!  Here's to our buddy "Kronik."  

* If you'd like to donate anything to help him continue to offer hours of mind blowing fun to underprivileged children in Guam, you can do so here:


2025 Army Drive

Dededo, Guam 96929

Phone: +44 1788 4041


Kronik Shock Testimonial:


How to build our Kronik shocks:


90mm Kronik Shocks on our 1/6th scale Jeep Willys build:

80mm Kronik Shocks on an RC4WD Trail Finder II: