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The #1 R/C Hardcore experts in the Universe!

Pit Bull Xtreme RC Company, LLC (PBXRC / PBXRC.COM / PIT BULL / PITBULL / PIT BULL RC/PITBULLRC.COM) is the natural R/C extension of the 1:1 Hardcore automotive brand - Pit Bull (aka PIT BULL TIRES).

What makes us so unique? Our R/C products are designed by the same people that have brought you some of the most famous Pit Bull 1:1 automotive products to-date and because of this fact, we feel that we are the #1 R/C tire experts in the Universe! The 1:1 automotive brand, Pit Bull, has been a top quality 1:1 product brand since 1994 and has proven itself as a leader in the automotive industry with its 1:1 automotive products. PIT BULL'S RC COMPANY (aka PIT BULL Xtreme RC Company, LLC) is our commitment to this spirit of innovation, quality and integrity and we are committed to providing top quality R/C products for years to come.

Since its inception, PIT BULL Xtreme RC Company, LLC has been nothing short of a phenomenon. With a name like "Pit Bull", we knew we had a lot to live up to and we do our best to provide our customers with incredible products and exceptional service. We are down-to-Earth and pride ourselves on being accessible to our customers. We do our best to LISTEN to what our customers want and provide them with first-rate products that satisfy those needs.

We do our best to produce our R/C products with 1:1 in mind. Pit Bull 1:1 tires have proven themselves from Baja to Antarctica, in deserts, rocks, mud, sand and snow and Pit Bull R/C products should be no exception!

We are an American family-owned business and we design all of our Pit Bull R/C products here in the United States. It is our intention to create the best R/C products in each category we enter by listening to those who use them and translating our decades of 1:1 offroad experience to the R/C market.

We believe in supporting those who defend our freedom and wish to take this opportunity to say "Thank You" to all those men and women who are currently serving or have served our country in the past. Without you the world wouldn't be the same.

We believe in Freedom, the Constitution, including the Right to bear arms, and Freedom of speech. We firmly believe that every person needs to live by the Golden Rule and be accountable for their words and deeds regardless of circumstances. These are the things we try to live by and this is how we try to run our business.

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PIT BULL Xtreme RC Company, LLC
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