Team Drivers

Name: Mike Duncan
Title: Pit Bull Tires RC Team Captain 

I have raced for years in Motocross, A class 3 Desert car and Rc's. In the past few years I have been racing Short Course, U4rc, 5th scales trucks...I also I build chassis to race for u4rc and scalers. I have won a lot of races in my time and still win them at my

U4rc nationals champ in my 1.9 Mini Beast
U4rc placed 2nd in my 2.2 Beast
1st place at Nationals at Auburn Ca. 2.2 class...2015
Driver of the day at the Axial Fest 2014 and 2015 events

Name: Ryan Tousley
Screen Name: rtousley on rcc
Title: Pit Bull Tires R/C Team Driver

I attended the first RC Nationals in Moab UT in 2008, and made it into the RC Crawler magazine that was covering the event.
I started OutCast Crawlers in 2008.
I've also attended Rocas Rojo 2009, 2010, and 2011 in Denver CO.
In 2010 I started hosting local scale comps and trail adventures every month. and still do to this day.
2011 attended RC Nationals in Las Vegas NV.
My first Recon G6 was in 2014 in Buena Vista, CO. This is what really got in my system and I fell in love with a different side of the RC life, "Doing Work".
2015 & 2016 were probably my best years to date. I was able to complete 10 Recon G6's including The Fix and Birthday Bash twice.
I make my own link kits for 1.9 wraith and scx10 trucks. OCDRC links are Recon G6 Certified.
2017 I will start Hosting Recon G6's in various locations

2009 1st place G.V.C.C. pro comp series
2009 2nd place G.V.C.C. scale series
2009 1st place G.V.C.C. over all series winner
2015 1.9 Driver of the day at the Bump and Dance Moab UT. Recon G6
2015 1.9 Driver of the day at the Birthday Bash in Reno, NV Recon G6
2016 recon G6 Veteran Driver of the day Rock Art G6"
2016 Recon G6 Fix 5th place 22 laps and Tekin fast lap winner
2017 Pitbull Team Driver


Name: Joe Keske
Nickname: GI Joe
Title: Pit Bull Tires R/C Team Driver

One of the original Scale Builders using Losi Worm Axles Exclusively.
I have smashed EVERY stereotype with regards to using these Axles and have competed in Classes 1, 2, 3, TTC, G6, Trail Rides, Sled Pulls, Mud Bogs and Concourse.
30 years RC Experience.
25 years 1:1 Off-Road Experience.
Engineer, Design, Build and Fabricate ALL aspect of my Scale Crawlers.
Volunteer Tech Official, Course Design and Judge for many large SORRCA based events.
Family Oriented Team (Both of my son's drive and compete in SORRCA events)

Ugly Duckling Award 2013 ECSC
Best Engineered C3 2014 ECSC
Scale Builders Guild Award 2015
Ugly Duckling Award 2016 ECSC
Best Interior C3 2016 ECSC
3rd Place C3 2011 Crawl 'n Camp
1st Place C3 2013 GURUS Fall Brawl
1st Place C3 2014 Team KNK TTC
2nd Place C2 2014 King of GURUS
2nd Place C3 2014 King of GURUS
1st Place TTC 2014 King of GURUS
3rd Place 1.9 2014 Team KNK G6
3rd Place C2 2014 GURUS Fall Brawl
1st Place C3 2014 GURUS Fall Brawl
1st Place C1 2015 Team KNK TTC
2nd Place C3 2015 Team KNK TTC
3rd Place C1 2015 King of GURUS
3rd Place C2 2015 King of GURUS
3rd Place C3 2015 King of GURUS
2nd Place C3 RC4WD ECSC, PA
1st Place TTC RC4WD ECSC, PA
1st Place C1 Keystone Winter Series
2nd Place C2 Keystone Winter Series
2nd Place C3 Keystone Winter Series
1st Place C1 2016 Team KNK TTC
1st Place C1 2016 King of GURUS
2nd Place C2 2016 King of GURUS

Ben Gibson
Nickname / Screen Name: Oz Bruiser
Title: Pit Bull Tires R.C. Team Driver

I started in RC in my teenage years back in the Later 80's to early 90's with Tamiya buggies and trucks and then later I'm life after messing around with 4x4's, mountain biking and other stuff i got a renewed interest in the scale world via the release of the Tamiya High Lift Hilux. At that point i got the scale bug. Soon after i got involved That got me researching via the net and found the wold of scale RC trucks.  Not long after that i found local Forums and got involved in the local social and comp scene.  In late '09 i was involved in a brand new comp forum, caNZ- crawl Australia New Zealand. I was involved there until early 2014. During my time there i competed , set courses on a local, State and National titles level, tech'ed rigs at a local, State and National titles level and was active in the Scale Sub committee, which was the admin team that dealt with scale in Australia at the time. It was a great foundation to build upon with experience in all classes and being an active part of the local comp scene.

I competed in 4 classes over my time being Class 1, Class 2, Sportsman and Pro. I had success in all classes but my Standout  for me was 2012 and 2013 taking out the National Titles in Sportsman in 2012, and taking out the State Title series in both Class 1 and Class 2 and in the following year in 2013 defending my title in the NSW States for Class 2 and getting 3rd in Sportsman at the National Titles . The two consecutive seasons of Class 2 wins was on Pit Bull Rock Beast tires. The tires have only got better since back then.

In 2014 i  founded a new scale focused group  for class 1, 2 and 3 and been central in its development with other dedicated scale enthusiasts in NSW. Our group is the only group currently Down Under to have SORRCA accreditation and be a recognized SORRCA  club which I'm proud to be part of and to be associated with.  I'm m still active in mountain biking  as time allows and getting out and about with my family. My preferred class is C1 as its where my primary passion is, but still have comp spec C2 and C3 rigs. I love my PB 1.55 Growlers and PBX At 1.9 in class 1 as although both very different tread patterns with an awesome scale look, they equally perform better than any other tire Down Under in what Australia can throw at them.

From comping with cANZ, it was where i first used Pit Bull Tires in 2011 and i have never looked back since. They have always allowed me to pull the most amazing lines with the up most ease and i truly believe in the product and the development put into them. So is an honor now to be representing  Team Pit Bull.

3rd place in C2 in cANZ 2010 State Titles.
4th place in C2 in cANZ 2011 State Titles.
2nd place in C1 in cANZ 2012 National Titles
1st place in Sportsman in cANZ 2012 National Titles.
1st place in C1 in cANZ 2012 State Titles.
1st place in C2 in cANZ 2012 State Titles.
3rd place in Sportsman in cANZ 2012 State Titles.
3rd place in Pro in cANZ 2012 State Titles.
3rd place in Sportsman in cANZ 2013 National Titles
1st place in C2 in cANZ 2013 State Titles
4th place in Sportsman in cANZ 2013 State Titles
3rd place in C1 in cANZ 2014 National Titles
2nd place in Pro in TTS 2012 Interstates
4th place in C1 in TTS 2012 Interstates

Currently Represent;
Pit Bull Tires - 1st International
Tziworld  Driver.
CrawlrBits Rep.

Founder of Southern Cross Scale n Trail( Formerly WESROC Challenge) - SORRCA Accredited

Development and implementation of Scale Trial 4(ST4) Comps



Name: Brian Parker
Title: Pit Bull Tires R.C. Team Driver


Bio: Conductor of the RECON G6 Train and provider of fun


Name: Luke Claxton
Nick Name/Screen Name: “Full throttle Luke"

Title: Pit Bull Tires R/C Team Driver


BIO: My name is Luke claxton.  People call me “Full throttle Luke “. I have been playing with Rc as a little kid.  I love to build realistic scale trucks. When I build a truck I am picturing myself inside the truck driving.  I mostly like to drive class zero and class one rigs.  I am single with no kids so I love to travel as much as possible doing RC. I am a coworker and sponsored team driver for Reefs Rc see and I travel everywhere with him. This year we have been A tough year but just already I have already been to Florida USTE where I took a finalist banner with my drag truck. Only 30 of the best builders in the world can take home a banner.  After that we went to king of the streets in Vegas which was an $18,000 first place prize I talk to Mike Green into going and doing some R&D and he sent Brian Alameda.  We were talking about doing some drag tires and he had some stuff in the works. Reefs did an event Where it was the times event at the crawlerwell it was a timed event at the crawler course last month and I took first overall being a team driver I was not counted to win so he gave it to someone else one out of 25.   Last weekend I was in a grand opening for a hobby shop JJ customs with the team. And this next weekend I am going to desert hobbies grand opening with the team in Mesa Arizona. In May I will be doing ASD crawlers event.  In June I will be at axialfest in Indiana   And July I will be at axialfest. I am also doing a couple in the middle events and I am doing the trade show in Las Vegas  in October. Plus many more. Are usually travel in Ohio to Knk but that is canceled again this year.  

I built a hot rod looking VW bug hardbody for a music video for a band named oddko  last year. We won five Academy Awards.
I took that build to the scale west coast challenge and won most unique build
I am now doing a build for horizon hobbies / proline called the builders build off.  They give budget and parts and build rig then get votes to win. 
I helped Edgar with crazy crawlers and was doing a lot of events with him last year I am now helping a buddy do a lot of his events elite comps.  Doing 6/10 events a year doing comp crawling.  A lot of cash prices. Sometimes I’m not able to make all the events but I’m always helping them out sharing and going to events as much as I can. He works for Rydell car dealership and next year we are doing an event that is going to I have a brand new Jeep wrangler given away. I am super active in the community with RC and all kinds of traveling.  

Name: Dusten Cressman
Nick Name/Screen Name: IG: dirtyd805 FB: Dusten Cressman
Title: Pit Bull Tires R/C Team Driver

BIO: I've been in & out of RCing since i was 15 years old. In 2008,  at The Off road Expo in Pomona, I saw my first RC crawler and got the Honcho truck. It's been none stop building & creating. Coming from the off road world with the mini trucks & lowrider background from my younger days. It was a perfect fit on a smaller scale. I started a local RC Club: Ventura County RC Crawlers back in 2014. We have our local crawls every weekend. We hold Poker Runs & comps throughout the year. I enjoy going to all the local comps & major events when I can.This hobby has given me the opportunity to meet a lot of people & see cool places.  A lot of my builds are Toyota based due to my background of always owning one, whether it was slammed or lifted, never stock.



The Fix USA Enduro 2016 6HRS 1.9 2nd Place
The Fix USA Enduro  2017 6HRS 1.9 3rd Place
3RD place Crazy Crawlers 3 man Comp 2019 
1ST place Crazy Crawlers 3 man Comp 2021

Name: William "Bill" Riddle  
Nickname / Screen Name: AKA GhostRunner
Title: Pit Bull Tires R.C. Team Driver

BIO: I got my first toy grade RC around age 8...a Radio Shack special "race" car that only went straight, to turn you had to reverse and it only turned one way. Transitioned from there to the original Stompers trucks with a single double A battery and first generation foam tires...they didn't rubber coat them for a few years as I recall. Spent my days building obstacles for them to crawl and climb over indoors and out and bugging my mom for more batteries. From there I found hobby grade RC's and never really looked back.  Did the go fast race thing, built a plane or two and maybe a boat but was always drawn to the off-road side...what could I crawl over.  When scale rock crawling started gaining ground I was all in, took me a minute to find the community, cause well there are only so many hours in the day and a man's gotta work. I truly enjoy this sport and hobby to the fullest from driving, to competing, to building, to engineering courses, and judging but I really enjoy the community full of good hearted mostly enjoyable folks just out to have a good, adventure, laughs and memories.
Qualified Championship Day US Scale Trails (Motorama)
Stock 4.19
Open 4.75
Extreme 4.75
Tuber 4.75  -  -  Grand Champion Tuber 4.75
Hobbytown Adventure Challenge
1st -  1.55 Pro
1st -  1.55 Hillclimb
2nd - 1.9 Pro
Parkerfest East
1st - Dromedary Challenge Open Hardbody 4.19
Parkerfest West
1st - Dromedary Challenge Open Hardbody 4.19
1st - 2Man Team Trials (Full Leaf)
1st - 3Man Team Trials
1st - TTC Open 4.75
2nd - TTC Leaf 4.19
Pitbull Mega-Inter-Gallactic Super Series Recon G6
BravenWild Trail (Leaf) 7.4 miles
BravenWild Trail (Open) 7.4 miles
VA Scaler Fall Brawl
3rd - Class 2 Sorrca 
2nd - Class 3 Sorrca 
Fall Full Leaf Classic at Hoodboogie Hollow
1st - Full Leaf
Qualified Championship Day US Scale Trials Championship (Motorama)
2nd - Stock 4.19  
13th - Leaf 4.19   
13th - Open 4.75 
2nd - Tuber 4.75 
White Rose Hobbies Indoor Rock Shootout
1st - Advance Class 
Parkerfest NorthAmerica 
1st - Dromedar Open/Overall 4.19 HB
2nd - TTC Leaf
2nd - TTC Stock
Flyin Hawaiin Open 
1st - Full Leaf
2nd - 4.19 Stock
1st - 4.75 Open
Horizon Hobby Fest 
1st - Judges Class TTC Open
White Rose Comp 
1st - Class 1 Sorrca Lite
1st - 1.9 Stock Mod
2nd - Class 3 Sorrca Lite
VA Scaler Fall Brawl
2nd - Class 1 Sorrca
8th - Class 2 Sorrca
3rd - Class 3 Sorrca
Fall Full Leafer Classic at HoodBoogie Hollow 
5th - Full Leaf
VA Scaler Toy for Tots 
7th - Class 1 Sorrca 
3rd - Class 2 Sorrca
2nd - Class 3 Sorrca
VA Scaler Irish Crawl Comp 
1st - Class 1 Sorrca
3rd - Class 2 Sorrca
2nd - Class 3 Sorrca
Camel Trophy Adventure Comp {2 Man Team Luck of the Draw}
White Rose Hobbies Mad Dog & Bad Luck Comp
1st of 35 - Class 1 Sorrca Lite
28th of 36 - Class 2 Sorrca Lite
24th of 60 - Class 2.5 Sorrca Lite
13th of 24 - Class 3 Sorrca Lite
VA Scaler Fall Brawl Comp
2nd - Class 1 Sorrca
2nd - Class 2 Sorrca
Backhills RC Comp
6th of 23  - Class 1 Sorrca Lite
5th of 29 - Class 2 Sorrca Lite
3rd of 34 - Class 2.5 Sorrca Lite
9th of 12 - Class 3 Sorrca Lite
Super Shafty Fall Crawl Comp
44th of 70 - Class 1 Sorrca
59th of 129 - Class 2 Sorrca
22nd of 34 - Class 3 Sorrca
Moab 4x4 Expo Comp
1st - 4700 SAF Class TTC (weekday)
5th - 4200 SAF Class TTC (weekday)
3rd - 4700 SAF Class TTC (Saturday)
T5th - 4200 SAF Class TTC (Saturday)
VA Scaler Turkey Bowl Comp
5th of 41 - Class 2 Sorrca
16th of 21 - Class 3 Sorrca
Full Fall Leaf Classic at HoodBoogie Hollow
15th of 21
White Rose Toys for Tots
6th of 29 - Class 1 Sorrca Lite
1st of 37 - Class 2 Sorrca Lite
2nd of 50 - Class 2.5 Sorrca Lite
10th of 16 - Class 3 Sorrca Lite

VA Scaler Toys for Tots Comp
2nd - Class 1 Sorrca
5th - Class 2 Sorrca
6th - Class 3 Sorrca


Treal Team Driver Full Leaf Comp
1st of 10 - Full Leaf Sorrca

VA Scaler Irish Crawl
3rd of 30 - Class 1 Sorrca
4th of 60 - Class 2 Sorrca
6th of 21 - Class 3 Sorrca

Kings List (Series 1 of 4 - March)

White Rose Hobbies Spring Fling Comp
2nd of 27 - Class 1 Sorrca Lite
13th of 48 - Class 2.5 Sorrca Lite
1st of 17 - Class 3 Sorrca Lite

Key City Hobby Invite Only
6th of 21 - Class 1 Sorrca
3rd of 32 - Class 2 Sorrca
10th of 19 - Class 3 Sorrca

Key City Thursday Crawl Off
1st of 16 - Class 2 Sorrca

Todd Grundish
Title: Pit Bull Tires R.C. Team Driver


2013-RC4WD East Coast Scale Challenge: 7th Class 2
2014-KNK TTC: 3rd Class 1
2014-RC4WD East Coast Scale Challenge: 5th Class 2
2014-Greenville R/C Raceway "Turkey Run": 1st Class 2, 2nd Class 1
2015-The Badlands Spacer Shootout: 2nd Class 2
2015-Guru Spring Scale Series: 1st overall 1.9
2015-RC4WD East Coast Scale Challenge: 1st Class 2
2016-RRW Florida Scale TTC: 7th Class 2
2016-RC4WD East Coast Scale Challenge: 1st Class 2, 1st Class 1
2017 KNK 4: 2nd Place Class 3 
2017 RC4WD East Coast Scale Challenge: 1st Class 2, 2nd Class 3
2018 KNK 5: 8th Class 1, 5th Class 2 and 1st Class 3
2018 RC4WD East Coast Scale Challenge: 1st Class 3
2018 SuperShafty Fall Crawl: 1st Class 1, 2nd Class 2, 1st Class 3
2019 KNK 6: 5th Class 1, 4th Class 3
2019 RC4WD East Coast Scale Challenge: 1st RosePoint Camel Trophy, 2nd Class 3, 1st Class 3 TTC
2019 SuperShafty Fall Crawl: 2nd Class 1, 2nd Class 3 
2020 SuperShafty Fall Crawl: 2nd Class 1




Name: Sandra Frej
Nickname / Screen Name: RC Nennox (Fb, instagram, youtube), MissBossRC (only instagram)
Title: Pit Bull Tires R.C. Team Driver

I’m in RC hobby since 2013. First it was just driving for fun, but now it’s a lifestyle. I promote this hobby in all the ways possible and living RC 24/7. From organizing comps and collaborating with “big” offroad, to interviews for magazines and biggest tv stations and youtube channels. I like winning at comps from time to time also ;) I’m ½ of RC Nennox duo and 100% MissBossRC.

2nd place of WSW Challenge season 2020 (EX class)
1st place at 1st round of WSW Challenge

3rd place of WSW Challenge season 2019
3rd place at 1st round of WSW Challenge
2nd place at 2nd round of WSW Challenge
3rd place at 4th round of WSW Challenge
2nd place at 2nd round competition
1st place at 3rd round competition

2nd place of season 2017
2nd place at 1st round competition
1st place at 3rd round competition

One of Drivin’ Divas of the day at RECON G6 in Italy

3 rd place of season 2015
3 rd place at 1st round competition
3 rd place at 3rd round competition
One of Drivin’ Divas of the day at RECON G6 in Austria




Name: Talez Baslar
Nickname/Greywolf Screen Name Talezzone 
Team Page: Talezzone / Rccctr Team
Instagram: talezzone / rccctrteam
Facebook group: Rc Crawler Custom tr
Title: Pit Bull Tires R.C. Team Driver

I have been in this hobby for 7 years. i think crawler is my passion. I mostly like to spend time at the table with technical work. Which tire is better? which shock oil provides better release? What should the approach angle be? I guess that's why I love this hobby. I used to be a lone wolf, now I'm stronger with a pack. organization Mone intercity meeting founder (2017-2018-2019 19 May crawler race founder & main refree Local Climb contest 1st.

Technic Climb Copmp. 2nd
Cross Rc best build

Name: Craig D Davis
Nickname / Screen Name: FB- Craig Davis  IG- cmacdavis
Title: Pit Bull Tires R.C. Team Driver

BIO: I started out in the RC community in 1990. I ran carpet cars, oval track, and off-road racing up till early 2000s. I backed out for a few years to get into 1:1 off-roading with my Jeep’s. Around 2002 I started building a RC Rock crawler to have on the trail with me. By 2005 Axial Racing came out with the scx10 and it was all over for me there. I have owned and run all Axial 4x4. I have run pit bulls on almost all my rigs. I’ve ran a lot of SORRCA events but G6 is my favorite. Have fun and to help other get involved. 

My groups that I run are: 
Middle Tennessee RC Rock Crawlers
Middle Tennessee RC Crawlers and Scalers
Axial Umg10 kit and umg10 6x6
Custom Crawlers 
MTRC Rock Bouncers
Axial Umg10 6x6

I won Beat the Creek in 2019
America ninja warrior 2nd place
Tennessee scale Crawlers 3rd place
Sasquatch hunt 3rd place
RRW 3 man team 3rd place
RRW 1st place in tiny truck



Aykut Erdoğa
Title: Pit Bull Tires R.C. Team Driver


FB Page Belong To Me : The Goat Crawlers

BIO: I started this hobby in 2001 and drive all class. Plane, heli, shortcourse, gp onroad national series, and finally crawler since 2013..

John Wasley
Title: Pit Bull Tires R.C. Team Driver

I got into 4x4 off-roading in 1989, then in 1995 I built and modified my Suzuki samurai, which I still wheel and compete with to this day. Over the years I have had many overall and class wins at 4x4 trial events throughout the UK. In 2006 I came across the RCcrawler website this inspired me to buy and build my first truck a Tamyia TLT1 2.2 crawler with a homemade dig. I was hooked ! Myself and a few others started our own UK nationals in 2007 which I won the overall 2.2 class and 1st in super class with a clod based rig. In May 2011, myself and our crew have organised, hosted and ran the UK scale nationals. In 2016 we became the G6 crew with Brian and have hosted G6 every may since the crew was founded. In 2017 I entered the fix twelve hour enduro at Erzberg Austria, with a team of two others to G6 certify the Carisma coyote which we placed second in. In 2019, I entered the Belgium G6 twelve hour event as a solo driver and won the over fifties class running on pitbull 1.9 rockbeast XOR tyres. My latest truck is a axial SCX3 which is on 1.9 rockbeast XL this has to be the best performing scale rig I have built so far. Having fun and continuing to grow the hobby of being the key factors and success of the RC crawling scene in the UK.